Hello July Morning, Farewell Bulgaria.

Today I am in Burgas; Tired and a little delirious having been awake all night to see the first sunrise of July. I found out about this tradition yesterday, and was invited to hang out, drink beers and listen to the live bands on the beach. We were there from the sun going down to when it rose, surrounded by hundreds of others doing the same. It was such a lovely night, and the vibe was incredible. Needless to say, I may have cheated and had a little nap, but I lasted for most of the night, meeting many interesting people. Conversation always seemed to turn towards the future and what people wanted to do with their lives.

It seemed to be a perfect cap to the end of this pretty spectacular month in Bulgaria.

This week was one of my favourites, as I had to fully switch gears and full focus on making my art installations. It was my first time ever presenting art at an exhibition and I loved it. The process of installing everything and deciding where it should be placed in relation to the space and everyone else’s works was really rewarding. I am eternally grateful for the hard work World of Co hosts, Daniel, Lidiya and Stella, put in to sourcing everything and making sure our work was presented the best it possibly could be.

I presented two pieces at the exhibition, which was held at a beautiful little gallery called ‘Place 167’:

The first was my ‘little prayers,’ with the description:

“These are my little prayers. Please scan them, and watch them loudly on your phones. They’re best heard together.”

You can view all the prayers here.

This wasn’t incredibly successful on the night, as QR codes are a little finicky, and many people did not have success scanning them and assumed the piece was me playing a joke. But, this could also maybe be taken as a success?

My other piece was called ‘Temporary Rug’

“This is my temporary rug. It’s not as durable as traditional rugs, also it needs power and wifi to work properly. Oh, and you can’t walk on it or move it. Otherwise, it’s just like a regular family rug.”

I loved playing with projectors and using shadows like this. It took a while to get right, but I loved the effect.

Both of these pieces involved the usage of modern technology to recreate something which would have been made far better during previous generations. The fact that they’re both overly complicated and don’t quite work was not coincidental. It was a great experience to be at the opening and talking with people who were interacting with the works, giving their own interpretations and asking interesting questions.

The other works presented by Carrie Fucile and Ni Wen were also incredible. It showed how inspiring spending a residency with other artists working in different forms could be.

It was sad the next morning to be taking everything down. And it was even sadder that it was my last day at the residency. It truly was a fantastic month, and I’m forever grateful to World of Co. for creating such a wonderful residency, and to the Helpmann Academy and the James and Diana Ramsay Foundation for supporting me in this endeavour.

Now, from Burgas, I fly out to Prague and then catch a bus to the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival!

The July sun has risen, and my journey continues.

All the best, and thanks for reading.


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