Short Films

Where Do Ideas Come From

Short Film | 2020

Made for the 2020 Helpmann Academy Home Alone Film Fest. Made with help from my good friends Tim Hodgson, Hebe Sayce & Charles Alderson.

Times of Zoe

Short Film | 2016
Producer: Paul Forza
Writer: Tim Carlier
Director of Photography: Tamara Hardmann
Editor: Bryce Kraehenbuehl
Production Designer: Alfonso Coronel

Made at Flinders University during my honours year, Times of Zoe is a science fiction film where I experimented with a complex concept, a simple narrative and a very restrained style. It was an enormous effort from my crew and I’m very proud of it.

Encounter Planet

Short Film | 2015
Producers: Georgie Brown & Tim Carlier
Writer: Tim Carlier
Director of Photography: Solomon Scopazzi

Made at Flinders University as a collaboration between film students and digital media students, Encounter Planet was an attempt to create an Space Opera in the style of 1970s classics, Star Wars and Star Crash. This was done using a combination of modern and older techniques. Examples are the usage of the animation technique rotoscoping and the usage of 3D printing and kitbashing to make the miniature spaceships and sets used in the film.
While a full 10 minute short film was shot and edited, the animation and effects became too extensive to be possible as a student project. This completed trailer still stands as a very impressive achievement for all those involved.


Short Film | 2016
Producer: Tim Carlier
Writers: Rodney Van Der Wall & Tim Carlier

Made for the 2016 OzAsia Festival as part of an experimental film screening, PACO is an exploration of Australian slang, Australia’s casual racism and filmmaking itself.