House of Spaghetti

What started as a group of friends making films for the Adelaide 48hr film competition has now become a co-working space, a fringe venue and more! You can see some of our short films and live performances below.

Find out more about House of Spaghetti here:

Adelaide Fringe

For the Adelaide Fringe 2020, we presented 4 shows at our own venue, including this fun sketch show we made all by ourselves.

You can watch the other shows we presented right here:

48hr Films

For the past 3 years I have been honoured to collaborate with some great friends for the 48 hour film challenge in Adelaide. These films have become yearly highlights, as they have been the purest form of collaboration for all of us, now that we’ve reached a point where all of us write, direct, act, edit and shoot the films. I still don’t entirely know how we pulled these together in under 48hrs.